Each treatment is unique and speaks directly to the needs and intention of the client.
Treatments will combine or focus on any of the following elements.


Alison’s Bodywork treatments combine various massage techniques with Craniosacral Therapy and energy healing to ease muscular and fascial restrictions and enhance the flow of fluid and energy in the body. The body organises our experience of ourselves and our environment and restrictions and tension at the level of the body will influence the way we perceive and feel our world.
As well as relieving physical symptoms current research indicates that bodywork is effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression and post-trauma syndromes and that somatic (body) awareness is strongly linked to a healthy sense of self. Often the first task of Bodywork Therapy is reclaiming the body as the locus of human experience, thus accessing The Body Poetic.


For many clients healing is required at the level of the mind (thoughts, feelings and beliefs). Talk therapy is often the most efficient approach to facilitating this kind of change. Being listened to well, having a space to reflect, express and work through our problems, is, unfortunately a rare thing in our busy modern world.
The psychotherapy relationship is confidential, supportive and non-judgemental and this, in itself, is powerful medicine. My psychotherapy practice is body-oriented, holistic and is informed by Jungian Psychological theory and practices.


Traditionally a shaman is responsible for the care of the physical and psycho/spiritual health of the community as well as maintaining correct relationship with the natural non-human environment. A shaman has the capacity to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel to the land of spirit.

I am not a shaman. I have however received initiation and instruction in these Healing Traditions and have a  capacity for subtle perception and to receive input, guidance and intervention from Spirit.  Medicine of Owl and Elk as well as Song, Smoke, Feather and hands-on healing are the mechanisms by which this type of healing is facilitated.

Treatments are available Wednesday (from 12.30 to 6.30pm) Thursday (from 8am till 12.30pm)  and one Saturday/Sunday each month. Session fee is $160 for approx 75 minutes. Bookings are usually 4-6 weeks in advance.

In many instances Skype sessions work well.